Lockport Township Assessor

Information Links

The following is a list of other information resources which may prove helpful in understanding the property assessment and tax process. There are many offices that hold different pieces of information about your property tax and this is intended to get you to relevant offices that can provide the information you are seeking. 

Lockport Township Phone Numbers

Lockport Township Assessor:  815-838-0780

Lockport Township Clerk:  815-838-1031

Lockport Township Supervisor:  815-838-0380

Lockport Township Highway Commissioner:  815-726-6056


Will County Phone Numbers

Will County Clerk:  815-740-4637

Will County Circuit Clerk:  815-727-8592

Will County Recorder’s Office:  815-740-4637

Will County Supervisor of Assessments:  815-740-4648

Will County Treasurer’s Office:  815-740-4675

Taxing Authorities

City of Crest Hill:  815-741-5102

City of Lockport:  815-838-0549

City of Romeoville:  815-886-7200

High School District 205:  815-588-8000

Joliet Comm. College Dist. 525:  815-729-9020

Lockport Township Fire District:  815-838-3287

Lockport Township Road Funds:  815-726-6056

Lockport Township Town Funds:  815-838-0380

Lockport Township Park District:  815-838-1183

School District 88 Chaney:  815-722-6673

School District 88 A Richland:  815-744-6166

School District 89 Fairmont:  815-726-6156

School District 90 Taft:  815-838-0408

School District 91 Kelvin Grove:  815-838-0737

School District 92 Reed Walsh:  815-838-8031

School District 365 – U:  815-886-2700

Will County Building Comm.:  815-727-8901

Will County Forest Preserve:  815-727-8700

Will County- Lockport Branch:  815-722-5515

White Oak Library District:  815-838-0755

Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A.)

F.O.I.A. Officer:  MaryAnn Wiliamson, Assessor

Please send all F.O.I.A. Requests to the Assessor's Office:

Lockport Township Office
1463 S. Farrell Road
Lockport, IL  60441

Freedom of Information Act Request for Public Record Form - PDF Format















Other Government Agencies: